Wedding Invitation Design in Arizona

Since 2014, I have been designing letterpress wedding invitations for couples who have visited Hazel & Violet Letterpress in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Nancy Hill runs the show over at Hazel & Violet, she is the owner and head printer at the shop.

I first met Nancy in 2014, when I was in graduate school and I was seeking a part-time internship as part of my course requirements.

I felt like Nancy and I just hit it off, and I really wanted to work in a creative space like Hazel & Violet, rather than a traditional design firm.

Fast forward to today, seven years later, Nancy and I are still collaborating on wedding invitations for couples in Arizona (and sometimes outside of AZ too)!

AZ Wedding Invitations was an idea I have had for a while, but finally started to piece together in 2021 and just launched the website in January 2022.

AZ Wedding Invitations is a part of MakeJoy Studio, my brand design studio that I started in early 2014. Wedding invitations were always a portion of my design business in past years, and I wanted to start focusing marketing efforts on two separate audiences and two separate products and services, so AZ Wedding Invitations was born.

The goal was to keep doing the same services Nancy and I have been doing the past 7 years, but streamline it so that we could provide a better service to future brides and grooms.

As a brand designer for small businesses and female entrepreneurs via MakeJoy Studio, I thought why not use my skills in branding businesses to create beautiful unique wedding brands for newly engaged couples!

My wedding branding packages provide a defined style that starts with a Save the Date Invitation and extends all the way through the Wedding Invitation Suite and into Wedding Day Graphics, Signage, Programs, and other printed elements that a couple might dream up.

When you book a design consultation with me, you get time with me to help you figure out what’s on your dream wedding list, what elements maybe you haven’t thought about yet, and I get to ask you all the questions that help me create your personal unique wedding brand.

At the end of our design consultation, I then provide a custom estimate of design services and print services for all the items we go over. Then I work with you to prioritize and fit within your wedding budget.

I am always happy to answer general questions, so feel free to email me or DM on Instagram. I am going to turn common Q&As into a blog here on our site, so bring all the questions my way!

Congratulations on your engagement! I can’t wait to help make your special day all you dreamed!



About Jenn


I’m Jenn! I started MakeJoy Studio, a brand design studio over 7 years ago and over the years, I have designed wedding invitations for a variety of couples.

Now I am excited to introduce AZ Wedding Invitations. I focus on wedding branding—creating custom unique styling for all your wedding print and stationery needs.

Inspired by the desert and good design, I love to spend my time focused on the fine details that make a big impact.